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Who We Are?

Adaya Jewels is, first and foremost, a family business with a great passion for aesthetics, jewelry and design.

Our motto is: Expressing our passion for the beauty and mystery of the world around us by pouring it into carefully designed jewels, using the most innovative production methods and constantly keeping an open mind and heart to our customer's needs and desires.

At Adaya Jewels we continuously search for the most outstanding contemporary design trends, innovations and production methods, making sure we provide our customers with the highest quality of product, while maintaining affordability by keeping up with the highly competitive market prices.

Our collections provide a comprehensive range of design and styles, mostly dedicated to Mother Nature's endless variety of shapes, colours and textures; from the organic textures of her lush forests expressed in our Fern & Leaf range, through her many unique shapes and forms, coming to life in our Classic and One of A Kind collections, the depths and diversity of Marine Life in the beautiful Coral Love range and all the way into the mysteries of life as we see them, revealed in the fiery Opal Magic range and our mischievous Alice Collection.

Despite our very wide range of items, by "conceptualizing nature" we manage to maintain a beautifully balanced overlook throughout the full scope of our collections. Using special finishing techniques, we emphasize the contrasts of textures and colours by carefully adding plating of different precious metals and unique settings and combinations of a large variety of hand-picked precious and semi-precious gems, categorized by us according to the Four Elements: Earth-Tierra, Water-Aqua, Air-Aire, Fire-Flemma.

We warmly invite you to dive in and explore Mother Nature as we see her, in all her glory!

Experience and trust

We're Thailand based registered company with over than 10 years of experience. Read our references!

Customized orders

We're real manufacturer, no middle man, and you can create your own customized orders, no limits.

24h customer service

Send us email or ask in socials - fast response guarantee. We have replacement policy also.

Worldwide shipping

We do shipping to every country of the world without limits with EMS, DHL, UPS courrier companies.