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Customized your own Design



Here at Adaya Jewels we have created a way in which every customer can use our professional help to create his/her own designs based on his/her own inspiration. In this section we will explain all the different stages and steps to create your own one of a kind design.
1. Basic Idea

We are honored to have the opportunity to create a piece of jewelry that is truly made just for you. We always start with sketches done with old-fashioned pen & paper to ensure all design elements are incorporated. Every idea of design needs to start with a simple sketch in which the customer  can try (to the best of his ability) to explain to us your main idea.

2. Computer illustration

After receiving customers basic sketch we will start to produce a 3D computer illustration of the design. Within the process of creating the illustrations we will work together with you to go through all of the details needed to be planned in the design, including gem selection, setting option (rub over or prone, paving, etc. We will make sure we want progress before all details are clear with you.

3. Model waxing

After we will move into creating wax master of your design, it can be created in 2 ways pending the style: computer CAD system print OR Hand curved wax. When the wax master complete, we will send the costumer photographs of the wax master for your approval prior to us moving to next stage of casting the wax to metal.
4. Metal casting

The process of turning the wax master to metal is called casting and at our workshops we use and old and traditional casting method named centrifugal casting. This reliable heavy duty spring and broken arm design assist in producing denser castings and minimize splashing. This method of casting has been done for more than 5000 years.

5. Parts soldering

The next step after casting is cleaning the metal piece, soldering and assembling different parts together. The melting point of sterling is 893 C° . Gold has a melting point of 1063 C°. Soldering uses a torch and an alloy solution to join metals together to make pieces of jewelry. Achieve a high shine on your jewellery creations with our jewellery polishing machines.

6. Gemstone setting

When the metal is assembled and polished, we will move the piece to our setting workshops. Setting gems is the most highly regarded skill with in the jewlery making business. Each small to big gem is carefully set into its mounting using only the metal to keep it in place. We will never use any glue or other adisives to set the gem.

7. Plating

When setting is done we will move it to our finishing/ plaiting workshop for final cleaning and plaiting . Our plating workshop is very advance making sure each pice is treated to the highest standards and the metal will look at its best when leaving our workshop. We do ruthenium (white and black), silver, gold plating, thicknes - up to your choice.

8. Preparing to shipping

Finally we will QC the jewlelry and will ship it to you safely. Every piece of jewelry sold at our website have a special gift box and bubble wrapping. We do delivery in any country of the world with EMS, FedEx or airmail. Processing time is about 3 days since every item is produced specially for you. Buy with confidence - check our returning policy!